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Scan the QR code below to learn more about our services. Ask about our 30 day risk free trial offer of your mini website while your there. No credit card required and if your not completely satisfied with our service you can cancel. You may also visit this promo page: and enter promo code 110 to view the Ready Mobile Solutions website for complete details and to request a consult with one of our folks.

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Hello and welcome to my website. I'm an Independent Sales Consultant with Ready Mobile Solutions. I work from my home office in Schertz,Texas and what I do is provide Mobile Website Hosting and Design for the businesses in and around the San Antonio, Texas metro area. As your Independent Rep I can get your business on the mobile web. I do this through the following capabilities: 

1. Mobile Websites 

2. Wi-Fi Hotspots 

3. Local SEO Listing 

4. Video Products 

5. Social Media Marketing 

6. Text And SMS Marketing.

Your customers are mobile business owner and Your business should capitalize on this fact. Did you know that 91% of the population has a mobile device that's more than twice the number of people that's on Facebook.

The Benefits of Mobile are:

1. Your where the customers are 24/7/365

2. You can create mobile coupons.

3. You also can create QR codes

4. A mobile site is easy to navigate for your customers.

5. A mobile site has a Big User interface

6. A mobile site is just that, it's not your desktop site that is squeezed to fit on a smart phone.

7. A mobile site has a click to call button.

8. A mobile site shows your business on a map.

9. A mobile website projects your business as a professional business.

10. A mobile website just makes sense because it drives the customer to your business which = more business for your biz.

Some other facts to consider are: 80% of consumers abandon a mobile site if they have had a bad mobile experience, and 40% have turned to a competitors site after that bad experience.

So why not create a good mobile experience for your customers today. Here is what you get with us:

1. A Five page customized and professional mobile website.

2. Monthly Hosting on our platform.

3. A business listing in our Ready Mobile Marketplace.

4. We have multiple plans to meet your business needs so please contact one of our experts today to discuss your options. 

Contact Information:

Or Contact Michael @ [email protected] 
Phone (210) 836-5909